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Are your walls screaming for attention? Crown moulding adds an elegant finishing touch to any room. It complements any style and can be the focal point of the room or a beautiful accent. With Ledgendary™ Crown, you can achieve your unique dream look easier than you think. Make your walls happy!

Why Ledgendary Crown

How? It’s Simple.

Ledgendary Crown’s patent pending design allows the crown moulding to sit right on the wall cleat to hold it at the correct angle for easy installation. With the ability to choose virtually any cleat, Ledgendary Crown can provide a unique look to any room.

Anatomy of a Build-Up

What is a build-up?
A build-up is created when you stack 2 or more pieces of moulding together to form a unique look. Build-ups are traditionally more difficult to install than regular crown, but when done correctly, provide unequaled charm to your room. Ledgendary™ Crown makes the design and build-up process easier while saving you time.



Simple Installation

  • Step 1

    Mark your wall 2-1/2” from the ceiling. Measure and cut your chosen cleat. Install your cleat so the top is even with your mark.

    TIP: For easier installation, cut a 2-1/2” spacer block to use as a guide. We recommend 18-gauge x 2 in. brad nails for

  • Step 2

    Measure and cut your Ledgendary™ Crown. Install the Ledgendary™ Crown right on top of the cleat. It will sit in the perfect position to make the installation easier.

  • Step 3

    Finish the look with caulk and paint. Enjoy your new look!

For more detailed instructions, download our instruction guide below.

Download Installation Guide

Recommended Cleats


    – Shingle/Panel moulds : 209, 210, 212

    – Casing : 361, 366, 371, 376, 445

    – Base : 618, 620, 623, 753, 750, 634

    – Stop : 933, 934, 935, 937, 940, 941, 946, 950

    These are just some cleats that you can be used with Ledgendary™ Crown. Any material with a 90˚ edge can be used as a wall cleat.

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